Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bits and Pieces for Saturday

For years I've been trying to turn over a new leaf, neatness wise. I'm a combination of naturally cluttered, a little lazy, and a little OCD-scared of touching dirty things. My sister recently moved, and she got rid of a TON of stuff. I'm trying to do the same. I have something like 36 drinking glasses and mugs, and I live by myself. I also have about 25 books on gardening, but I've been gardening long enough that I rarely consult them anymore. And when I do need information, I head to the internet instead.

So we'll see how that goes. I think if I can get myself on a regular cleaning schedule, things won't get so grungy, and they won't be so scary, and it will be easier to stay on that cleaning cycle.

In more directly OCD news, I finally broke down and ordered a refill of my migraine medication for mail delivery. Of course, then I forgot about it, didn't check mail for a couple of days, and it was in the mailbox that reached 110 degrees yesterday. Which was the main reason I didn't want to do mail order. So I guess this is situation where something I feared DID happen, but the consequences seem mild. Worst thing that happens is that the meds don't work, I throw them out and I get more. I called the pharmacy and they said it should be fine. I freaked a bit yesterday, but today it all seems fine.

My general worry about this weekend and next week's social stuff has mellowed a bit as time has passed, so that's good. I'm sure it will pop back up a few times, but these are things I'm actually really looking forward to, so I won't be canceling.


  1. I struggle sometimes with keeping myself on a regular cleaning schedule - I tend to yo-yo back and forth an "all-or-nothing" manner. Once I get into cleaning mode, I tend to do it too frequently and it never feels like "enough," and once I am out of that mode, I feel like I can't start getting things cleaned up until I have time to tackle it ALL. I spent about two years hardly being able to enjoy my own room, my own space, because it was always so cluttered. Once I got into treatment for OCD though, I started seeing how my all-or-nothing thinking was affecting this area of my life, too.

    What's been really helpful for me is just breaking the organization/cleaning process into smaller pieces - so much less overwhelming than feeling like I have to set aside an entire weekend (or week for that matter) to declutter and clean. When I felt like I had to do all of it or nothing, it never seemed like the "right" time to get started - there just wasn't enough time.

    Keeping yourself on a cleaning schedule sounds like it would be helpful in the same way! I feel like it's always easier to maintain things when you take care of smaller tasks more frequently instead trying to find the time to do it ALL much less regularly. Good luck with you cleaning endeavors!

    It sounds like you have probably taken the "non-OCD" route with your migraine medication. You took what sound like reasonable steps to quell your fears, and made a decision based on what you found out. Now you just have to avoid seeking more reassurance or trying to re-evaluate the situation. But it sounds like you have really already overcome that challenge! That's awesome!

    Hope you enjoy your social events! :)

  2. I have never heard anyone else talk about having issues with stuff (like meds) being left outside for an extended period of time. I am so weird about that! I take inositol for OCD and it's so much cheaper to order it online and have it shipped. It has been difficult for me to deal with that, though. Last time I ordered it, UPS delivered it to the wrong place and it sat outside in 100 degree weather for a full day before I found it. I almost threw it out, but after calling up the place I ordered it from, they told me I'd be fine. That was hard to accept, but I did.

    I used to just not want to leave food in my car in the heat, but now I won't leave anything liquid (like toiletries when I travel: lotion, shampoo, etc) in my car if it's hot. I don't know what it is that I think is going to happen if these things are left in a hot car, but I'm just convinced it's going to be bad. Ugh!

  3. Cool for doing mail order, and coping with life!

  4. Elly, I have issues with toothpaste getting hot. I'm better about it than I used to be, but leaving it in a hot car would still cause me stress. Yes, ugh!

  5. I worried about over-the-counter pain medication left in the hot trunk of my car for days/weeks. But then I got a really bad headache that outweighed the "risk" of dying from medication that got too hot (as if dying is the most natural result) and took the medication. I've survived, so I will hopefully avoid buying more until I've used this up. :)

  6. Abigail, Yes, I suspect that's exactly what I'll do. And I agree, my first thought was that somehow the medication would break down into something toxic and I would die. Of course.