Thursday, August 19, 2010

More on the BBQ

Part of my worry about the BBQ was that I would bring food that would make others sick. After arriving, it was clear to me how laughable that was. There was raw meat, food sitting out for hours (which was then sent home with people as leftovers), the hamburgers were not only red inside, someone said their burger was actually cold in the middle. If anyone was getting sick, it wasn't going to be from anything I did, that was clear. I often forget that people just aren't that careful, and that most of the time, it all ends well.

Having said that, someone who attended just posted on our forum that the cook last night gave her salmonella. I have no idea if she's really sick, or just making a joke. But I'm feeling pretty okay no matter what the real situation is.

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  1. I know, right? We obsess so much over our actions causing catastrophe, when really, we're probably the most careful people of all! I hate BBQ's exactly for that reason - the raw meat. And the sides. And the mystery salads. You seemed to fare better than I would have. Awesome! :)