Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dating with OCD Part 2

Okay, I've been on one date, and I'm already going to that OCD place. It's very difficult for me to have someone in my space. And there's cooking and eating, and kissing (well, that's not really a problem). But don't even get me started on sex (which is not happening any time soon, but still). My goal is very very much to do all of this in a reasonably "normal" fashion. Time will tell. There's also the "when to disclose" issue. I always find myself hoping to wait until a guy is madly in love with me first. So far that hasn't happened. :)

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  1. My dating experience was very limited--one boyfriend at age 18, which was blur of obsessiveness, followed by the man I married, who I met at 19. I think dating is an odd thing when it comes down to it, OCD or not. . .I hope you have some fun!