Friday, July 10, 2009

OCD doesn't mean "super clean"

The women featured on Dr. Phil (see previous post) both had contamination OCD. For both of them, this meant that they cleaned their houses for hours and hours each day, until they were spotless.

I'm proof that contamination OCD doesn't always work that way. This photo? My toilet. Why am I collecting toilet paper rolls, you might ask?

Well, the frugal practical me wants to save them to start seeds. The OCD me things they may have "toilet" germs on them, and that reusing them is a bad idea. The result? I don't want to touch them, and they live on my toilet. Brilliant!


  1. I totally get this! I have a contamination based OCD, and people automatically assume my house would be spotless. But it's not! Because when something is "dirty" I don't want to touch it, even to clean it. To make matters worse, I worry about fumes and harmful side effects of chemicals I'd use, too, so I'm really in a catch-22. Thanks so much for being so candid about your disorder. I am really feeling grateful to have found your blog!

  2. I can't touch the toilet rolls either.. the collection builds up until my flatmates move them. Nice to find someone willing to talk about their experiences