Monday, July 13, 2009

MY OCD Hierarchy

So, the first step of my ERP was developing an OCD hierarchy. You start with stuff those lower on the hierarchy, to get some success under your belt, and then you keep moving up until you take out the hard stuff. That's the theory anyway.

Here's an abridged list of my hierarchy (abridged only to avoid boredom, not to take out anything embarrassing). It goes from easiest to hardest.

Wash hands before emptying dishwasher
Avoid unknown spots on the sidewalk
Change clothes after riding the bus
Check stove before bed
Avoid touching my sister's kids
Don't let my towel touch the floor or bed
Clean the bathroom only when I can jump in the shower afterwards
Drop things and don't pick them up because now they're dirty
Don't like other people touching food I will eat
Wash hands if someone at work gives me a document that others have touched
Don't use a cart or basket at the store (carry items in my hands or my cloth shopping bag)
Wash hands after I come home from shopping
Avoid other people touching or hugging me
Avoid people with colds
Check the apparent health of the grocery clerk before checking out
Avoid all doctor's offices
Won't touch the bottom of shoes
Avoid public restrooms
Carry Purell at most times
Avoid the dentist
Avoid porta potties

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ann!
    Most of these sound downright rational. Public restrooms really are filthy, and why touch people with contagious diseases if you don't have to? I'm so confused - aren't these actions normal?
    Kudos to you!