Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You May Not Want to Go to Thanksgiving With My Boyfriend

Hey, let's pet the dog before we cook. Oh, I suppose I could run a little water over my hands to clean them. Now let's prepare some finger foods for tomorrow.

Woo, he's a walking exposure exercise for me. I won't be there with his family tomorrow, but I made myself eat some of the food we prepared. Not dead yet!


  1. Good for you! Is the dog still alive? :P

  2. And that - I would have absolutely no problem with! Crazy how OCD attaches on to different things. Seeing what others struggle with helps me to put my own lack of ability to deal with uncertainty in perspective. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Heh. I would have no issue with that either. BUT, I do get the walking exposure issue. For me, it is when my husband touches something I perceive to be contaminated, and how I make mental note of everything he subsequently touches (which seems to be EVERYTHING). Good job eating the food!! You, 1. OCD, 0.