Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend

Did pretty well with exposures this weekend.

I took my aunt to the park, even though she may have had a cold (oh, the irony!) Between her oxygen tank and wheelchair, there's no way to transport her without touching lots and lots of things. She had a good time, and I felt good about that. I even kept my shoes on in her apartment, which I NEVER do, for fear of tracking in something godawful and making her sick.

I also came home from that visit and did a bunch of yardwork and other chores, rather than immediately jumping in the shower.

I've had boatloads of exposure to my neighbor's "contaminated driveway." Their son plays pseudo-hockey in the driveway with a tennis ball, which bounces into my yard about every tenth shot. Then he troops into my driveway to get it. I did give him a "death glare" the gazillionth time the ball came into the yard, but then told him it was fine, although perhaps a little grumpily. Once I even threw the ball back myself, after swearing I'd never touch it. So, some progress.

On the other hand, I'm having MAJOR anticipatory anxiety about my travel later this summer. Pretty much all aspects: someone will break into the house (perhaps the neighbor kid, who will see me leaving the house with a suitcase, and who will be mad from when I gave him the death glare), something will happen to the cats, all my carefully raised plant starts will die, contamination on the plane, contamination in the hotel. Am having mixed success with stopping myself before I go too far down the path of rumination. Will keep working on that.

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