Friday, May 7, 2010

Odds and Ends

Tomorrow I'm taking my aunt home from a medical appointment. That in itself seemed super scary to me, until she asked if I could take her shopping at the mall (for a medical item). Now the appointment seems like nothing, and the mall is FREAKING me out. She's an difficult shopper, who drives sales people a little batty and returns about half of what she buys. So I totally can't wait. The fact that she can't walk more than about 100 feet makes me wonder how it's going to work at all. Plus there's the oxygen line. And if she has to try this thing on, I think I'll die. Worry, worry, worry.

Today, I decided to get a burrito for lunch. I love them, but sometimes I get weird about eating out. So I went. Of course, the guy who was cleaning off all the counters, and then wiping his hands off on his dirty apron, returned to the food prep line (put on gloves at least, but didn't wash his hands first) just in time to make my burrito. I wanted to change my mind and leave, but I didn't. No one else seemed to notice anything at all, so I tried to be "normal." I'm not prone to food or restaurant-based illness, so, I'm hoping for the best. Heck, if I get sick, I'll get out of my visit with my aunt tomorrow. :)


  1. I'm the same when I go to fast food places. I can't pay attention to what the employees are doing because it's inevitable that I'll see them do something that will just freak me out. Like empty the garbage then handle my food. Or clean the bathroom, then clean the ice cream machine.
    I just have to not think about it. Otherwise I would never go out to eat. And let's face it, I'm lazy. I don't want to cook all the time. ;)
    Good luck on your visit with your aunt. I forget...does she know you have OCD?

  2. She does know, although she's fuzzy on the details. For good or bad, she has her own, which seems to be a general "everything must feel just right" type of OCD.
    Makes for great fun, as the needs of our OCDs duke it out.