Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Your OCD Is Not My OCD. Or Maybe It Is

My aunt (the same one just finishing up her chemo) also has OCD. Hers is different than mine, and while I can sympathize, I can't usually relate directly to what she's worried about. But I had an odd experience the other day. She was worried that a shot that she needed wouldn't work out right. Just hearing the story, I couldn't even figure out why she'd be worried. She had an appointment, I was sure it would be fine. But she was really worried.

Somehow, though, after hanging up the phone when we talked, I became convinced she was right, that the appointment would get messed up and disaster would strike. It was the weirdest thing, like her OCD worry was contagious (the shot was today, and went off without a hitch, by the way). I've never had that happen, and I hope it doesn't happen again.

Oh, and my adventures in shoes today, while they caused a small amount of anxiety, also went off just fine. The training was boring, and the bowling was awesome, both predictably so.

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