Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Tired of....

reading articles like the one with this headline. This was one of the featured articles at the front of today. Basically listing the same places that 100 other articles have told us are full of germs. They are things most people touch pretty frequently.

Having spent the last three months carefully touching shopping cart handles, ATM buttons, and my own laundry, I can say that most of us don't have that much to fear. All the fear mongering does make me wonder if the rate of OCD in society is rising. It also annoys me to know that most of this research is sponsored by companies like Clorox and the people who make Lysol.

One of these weeks, I'm going to collect all of the articles about germs that cross my path for the whole week, in the paper and magazines and online. I think there will be a ridiculous number.


  1. That would be a really interesting experiment - if you do it, I'd be really interested to know the results so please post! :)

  2. I agree. It made me sick, too, when I realized that most of it was backed by Lysol or made me wonder what else we've been fed which is all marketing propaganda.