Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ooh, That Makes Me Mad

So I've done some google searches recently looking for other OCD blogs, because I like to read them. And one thing that comes up a lot in those search results is the "I can cure your OCD" website. There's a certain sameness to most of these, the main one being that you have to pay a lot of money to find out much of anything about how their system works. Now, I have nothing against someone making money if they've developed an awesome OCD cure. After all, I'm paying a pretty big chunk of change to my therapist every month.

But one thing a lot of these sites also have in common is contempt for mainstream treatments, you know the ones that dozens of studies have shown to work in treating OCD. It seems to me that if you have to take cheap shots at the "competition" to get any customers, there might be something wrong with your system.

In any case, the day I've conquered my OCD, I'm going to shout it from the mountaintops, not attempt to sell you my blueprint for success.

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