Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Do I Like?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about not always knowing how "normal" people behave. But lately I've also realized something else: I can't remember what I like to do anymore. For so long my response to invitations has been so dependent on what my OCD thinks, and I've managed to convince myself that I don't actually want to do a lot of things that I'm really just scared of. I rarely hike anymore, I never camp, and both of those are activities that I used to love. I do remember that I've never really liked sports or recreation that involves water, OCD or not.

I've tried to tell myself lately that I won't let OCD make those decisions for me, but I find I don't really have a good means to decide except for OCD.

I guess I'll start with stuff I know I loved to do (my bowling excursion a few weeks ago was a start), and just try other things out. I feel like my seven year old niece. At the start of school this year, her second grade teacher made them all try all the activities at recess. As a first grader, my niece played on the monkey bars almost every single day. Last week she learned that she really likes kickball; the only reason she'd never played before was because she didn't know how, and she was sort of scared. Sounds familiar.

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