Saturday, August 25, 2012

Resolution of a Different Kind

Next week my boss goes on a vacation to the South Pacific. There seems to be something about swimming with the whales involved? I don't know, big trip. Then the week after that, my parents fly to New Mexico. Smaller trip, but still a trip.

As I always do, I find myself scared of getting an illness that I pass along to people right before their vacation. It's one of my biggest OCD sort of things, and it's especially frustrating, because 1), it's silly and 2), I can't live my life in a bubble, in particular because the people I'm trying to keep healthy sure aren't bothering to live their lives in a bubble.

SO, this week I resolved to do at least one thing each day that might expose me to germs. It's generally nothing major, scheduling a meeting with a bunch of people, going to the library, even just going grocery shopping. So far it's kept me from doing a fair amount of the kind of avoidance I might normally do.

Sometimes I'll actually stop and try to strategically schedule a meeting or a book pickup at the library for the day that seems least likely to interfere with someone else's vacation schedule, should I get sick. This week I've just scheduled on days that are most convenient for ME. Wow! What a concept.

As often happens, in the days leading up to a scary meeting or event, I'm nervous, but once the day rolls around, it's almost never a big deal.


  1. Good for you, Ann. It sounds like you are doing what you want to do, not the OCD. Congrats!

  2. Awesome job, Ann!! I know it's scary, but you're doing it. You're a good example for me. : )

  3. Good for you for doing what YOU want and not what OCD wants you to do! And, as you say, the anticipation of dreaded events is almost always worse than the actual event.

  4. Congrats for not giving into your ocd!

  5. "the people I'm trying to keep healthy sure aren't bothering to live their lives in a bubble."

    well said - this is my new mantra!
    thank you