Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh, Heck

Today my boss told us that she's retiring in three months. I knew it was coming, but I still hoped she'd stay around a few more years. The problem is that her Deputy is super ambitious, really different from her, and you can tell he's just itching to make some big changes.

After the meeting was over, my co-worker turned to me and said, ahh, it's my worst nightmare, Tim in charge and we all lose our jobs. Now, I hadn't even considered this until she said it. I still don't think it's likely, but all you've got to do is give me something to worry about...

It's another chance to practice letting a scary thought come and go, without chewing on it all day long.


  1. Oh that is a scary thought. Don't you just hate it when you're minding your own business, and then someone out of the blue says something to make you anxious? Sounds like you're handling it just fine though. Good job!

  2. That is worrisome, but you are "practicing" just letting the thought be there, and that's great!

  3. Yeah, I have had that happen to me too. Sometimes people make an exaggerated remark just to reflect a strong feeling of dismay, but like you I don't need anyone amping up my own worries. Hope you can let go in one ear and out the other.

  4. What an unpleasant surprise - to lose a supervisor that you like. :( You're right - try not to let possible negative scenarios get to you. There is also the chance that things will be better than ever ... even if us OCD folks never think that way :)
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