Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Running Toward Discomfort, Part 2

A bunch of us have written about how important it is to choose the scary option, to run toward discomfort, to "whistle for that chasing dog."

Now I don't do it voluntarily as often as I should. But I find it helps when an exposure looms or jumps out and grabs me: then I can remember that this is good for me, that I should have done this on purpose as an exposure anyway.

It helps me go from fear to inspiration, and I love that. Does it chase all the fear away? No. And if it did, it would probably be its own compulsion.

But as I deal with my fears at work (moving day is tomorrow, unless it's not!), it's helping a lot.

Bring it on, OCD, bring it on.


  1. YAY for you Ann. Wow, isn't it empowering when you actually DO turn towards the fear? And you're right - if it solved all of the problems, it would probably become a compulsion.

  2. Good for you on your can do attitude! This is what I find so hard to face right now, but I haven't stated my ERP therapy yet. I can only wish to be brave when I do. Thanks for sharing so much!!

  3. You go for it! Your courage is inspiring. You're right - that's exactly what we need to say to the OCD - bring it on!! Because, ultimately we are stronger and we CAN beat this if we don't quit.