Sunday, June 24, 2012


This summer I want to work on stopping avoidance. While I do a lot of exposures and avoid things less than I used to, it's so easy to avoid scary things without even realizing it. Or to rationalize: next week is really busy/important/stressful, so I'll just avoid this one thing this one time. Repeat to eternity.

This weekend I wanted to avoid attending a big rummage sale at my mom's church. I feared my mom had a cold, and I feared bed bugs. But I did go, I looked at all the furniture, and I bought a bag full of stuff.

There are a lot of bigger things I've been avoiding as well, including several medical appointments, and that massage I bought back in the spring.

This is something I really should make a hierarchy for, because jumping to some of the higher things seems overwhelming.


  1. We do seem to be on similar paths at the moment, don't we? As my therapist says "you're very avoidant". That is what I have been working on mostly lately, and it seems to have helped. I had a "blip" a few days ago, but I suppose those are to be expected.

  2. I definitely hear you on the avoidance thing. It is by far my most troublesome compulsion. I do the same thing too - "Oh, I have a lot going on this week, I don't want to deal with this, etc." The hierarchy is a great idea. Good job going to the church sale. I know that was hard for you.

  3. Sounds like some good goals to have. I practice avoidance, too--I have a feeling it's more than I realize.

  4. Don't avoid the massage any longer. Even with all my contamination issues, a massage has always put me at peace. I make the first appointment of the day so I feel like the table has been cleaned and fresh linen is on there, but the spa I go to has the ability for me to take a shower right after if I need to. Most of the time I'm so relaxed afterwards that I just wait until I get home later. On the other hand I avoid a lot of other things, but a massage I won't!

  5. Oh, avoidance. Such a tricky little trap, isn't it? It something I am working on here, too.