Monday, January 2, 2012

The End of the Holidays

I don't hate the holidays. I don't love and relish them, but I don't hate them. Seems that a lot of people have some trouble with OCD and depression over the holidays. I can't decide if my anxiety got worse this holiday season. I don't think so, although being off work today has allowed me to watch the crow that is slowly pulling stuff out of my neighbor's garbage can, and that's not helping.

I am watching this blog post not come to any point at all. :) So I will just say, Happy New Year! Let's hope 2012 brings us all good mental and physical health and lots of awesomeness!


  1. Lord this year has got to be a better one for me than 2011. Yes - I've struggled these last few days....I suppose it just hit me. Trying to go with it. I feel sligtly better today than yesterday. Just keep moving forward.....

  2. Hey! Happy new year. We just started blogging again and look forward to your posts! For some reason as the holidays got closer, my anxiety rose. Which is weird, cuz I LOVE CHRISTMAS and spending it with my family.. oh well.. guess im just strange ;]

  3. Crows are a bane in my life. I must use a garbage can or the crows get into it. If i didn't, then i could just put the garbage out and NOT shower afterwards. Crows are as pesky as mosquitoes!! And they do not disappear for the winter either.