Saturday, January 28, 2012

30 Day Challenge Week One Report

Well, I've done great with the garbage. However it was the "off" week on our 2-week garbage cycle, so I wasn't really challenged. BUT I remain committed to my totally hands off approach even as we head into the more difficult week of the cycle.

At the same time, I've been working on cutting out ALL compulsions related to germs. I made some great strides this week including:

-Full-on gripping the shopping cart handle.
-Using the self-checkout at the library and then forgetting (can you believe it!) to wash my hands when I got home.
-Using my dad's "contaminated" toilet, which I haven't done in months.
-Taking and later happily eating cookies that my mom's unwashed hand touched.
-Using the blanket that usually hangs out on the floor at my folks' house while we watched a game on TV
- Sitting in a meeting with a woman with a hacking cough who handed out several papers to me, then eating my lunch without washing my hands.

Within about 10 minutes, I felt little to no anxiety about any of these, all things that in the past have been Issues.

I did NOT do as well when faced with people with colds in the sniffly nose-running stage; it's the time of year for bunches of them. I definitely did some avoidance, but I didn't run away screaming either. I even sat near someone for two hours at Knit Night on Wednesday. However, I spent a lot of mental energy contemplating the sick people and their colds.

All in all, I'm going to declare this week a success and work toward more of the same this week.

How is your Challenge going?


  1. Wow, Ann, you've done great! That's an impressive list of things that you faced with success. It sounds like you were able to deal with the anxiety well, too, until it subsided. I need to remember that--the anxiety will lessen.

    I've done well with the actual compulsion of checking the bulb in the bedroom closet. I am still thinking about it, though, and this morning, I had a mental debate about whether or not it was OK to check it. I decided it wasn't and closed the door.

    I have been working on other checking compulsions too, with mixed results.

    But I'm keeping on!

  2. Wow, you really rocked! Totally awesome! So, I've done about a 50/50 job I guess. Not as great as you, but I did make some progress. One day, I admit it, I did drive back to check on something, ugh, but later that same day I had another issue and I refused to let myself go back. The other thing is that I'm starting to realize just how many times I check the rear view mirror as a compulsion. That surprised me. I'm working hard to fight that subtle, little, sneaky one.