Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halfway There

The roofers started today. As always, once I'm in the middle of the feared event, I tend to do just fine. So I am doing just fine. I'm not thrilled with my reactions to stress during the lead up to today, but I had a few points where I really let myself sit with anxiety, so I will focus on that and chose to feel okay about it all.

I went on a second date this week. It seemed to go well. The first month of dating is always good for me, because the OCD is not usually a problem then. So I guess I should just bask in this time.

Having said that, on our first date, he used a porta-potty. One without any hand sanitizer. I thought I might hyperventilate, but I did not. My mind went blank for about two minutes, during one of which he was otherwise occupied in said porta-potty. So I think all things considered, I did okay.


  1. Awe, glad you are having fun dating! And glad you did so well with the porta-potty situation!! :D

  2. Good for you!

    Lady Delphinium from