Thursday, August 11, 2011


I know someone else blogged about this recently. I don't think it was me, but it blurs after a while.

OCD generally does not infiltrate my dreams. Last night, however, I dreamed about people sneezing on me; I got sick. I woke up and thought, hey, where'd my sore throat go?!

I don't remember that ever happening to me before (which means it probably wasn't me who blogged about it). There was another OCD component to the dream, but as often happens once you're fully awake, I can't remember it.



  1. Lately ive been having anxiety in my dreams. It had stopped for sometime, but lately I havent been doing that well.. and well, it started again! Boo stay out of my dreams anxiety!

  2. Yep - it's happened to me before. Dreamt about my worst fear happening. I woke up in a panic. Hasn't happened in awhile though. Fingers crossed. ;o)

  3. Lately I have been having the most awful dreams that included my OCD. For so long I always looked at sleep as an escape from OCD but now it feels like it has found my hiding place!

  4. I've had those type dreams before.

    Yes, OCD-- stay out of our sleep!

    Lady Delphinium from

  5. I posted about this a little while back - I dreamed I was a garbage woman. *whimpers in fear*
    Sorry it's infiltrating your dreams too. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight. :)

  6. At the worst of my ocd, it was always in my dreams. I could not escape my torment day or night, asleep or awake. Now, it's only occasional. Goes to prove how deeply embedded this monster is in our minds.

    Wishing you ocd-free dreams!