Monday, July 1, 2013

Heat Wave

We're having a mini-heat wave here in the NW. Nothing like the SW, but it's still hot in the land of limited home air conditioning.

I'm toughing out the neighbor situation. The new neighbors have partly moved in, while the handymen are still fixing up half the house, so basically, chaos reigns. I'm coping all right so far. The heat isn't helping my mental state, but it's best if I view it as an excellent chance to practice not ruminating, rather than a horrible situation. We'll see how that goes as chaos continues along.

Once the heat wave passes, the weather looks delightful for July 4th, and I'm down to 5 weeks left at work!


  1. Ann, I feel for you guys out west suffering through that horrible heat. I wish I could send cool, fresh air your way! I'm sure you're doing a good job toughing out the neighbor situation. And 5 weeks left? Oh, my goodness, that is soon! I'm so excited for you!

  2. Hope your holiday was good and that the heat wave passed. Unfortunately, here in NH, it was 92 degrees at 6:15 tonight! And extremely humid. Ugh. Hate it because it makes me so sweaty and that sets off contamination issues, etc., etc.