Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Exercise Really Is the Best

I haven't had a horrible time with OCD over this long weekend. But there were still a lot of "scary" things coming at me. The holidays change my routines, and I remain all about my routines.

So this afternoon when the rain finally cleared, I headed out for a run. It was an excellent run! I put my current favorite song on repeat- it had the perfect tempo- and I ran and ran (by my standards).

And as always, it made me feel great! At the start of the run I cringed at the all the extra trash people had out due to Christmas. Tomorrow's pickup day on my running route, so there was a ton of it. By the end of the run, I aimed for the messiest trash cans and cruised right by. Woo!


  1. Good for you for running by the messiest cans! And good for you for doing something healthy and fun.

  2. Yay!!! So happy for your success with the trash.

    Changes in routine are tough for me too. I guess we can consider that part of the exposure.

  3. I can relate
    I find changes in routine so unsettling
    I am a creature of habit

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays x

  4. I just found this blog and I am so thankful for it. I am suffering terribly and need help so badly...

    1. I'm sorry you're having a rough time. There's a really great OCD blog community out there and it's been really helpful to me.

  5. I find exercise very calming as well. The perfect medication for a worried mind, and it's free! x

  6. Hi Ann - I agree completely - it's amazing how exercise (for me mostly running) helps clear our heads and I'm sure in the long run helps with our OCD. I've been exercising regularly since May and I feel so much better physically and OCD wise. What I love reading about your blog is the humble reality of OCD and really - life in general. We will ALWAYS be faced with things that scare us...but we have a choice in how we deal with that. Fear won't ever go away - and to expect it to (as I was doing and still sometimes do!) - is setting ourselves up to continue to struggle with OCD (and other things in life). Happy New Year!