Friday, December 21, 2012

Another Classic OCD Day

Today on the way home from a shopping trip, I was thinking how I need to concentrate on moving toward uncertainty, rather than running away.

Then a few hours later, I learned that a Christmas gift I'd ordered isn't expected to arrive until Monday (for some reason it's been hanging out in a Fed Ex facility in Washington State for 4 days- weird).

But I went straight to a bad OCD place. I'm not actually that worried about it not arriving in time for Christmas. It was instead a generic "fear of uncertainty." I just wanted to feel certain about when it would get here and the condition it would arrive in. And then I started to ruminate.

Which of course is exactly the opposite of running toward uncertainty. Ha. So I'm letting it go.


  1. I worry about the same type of things, wanting to be certain that all will be well when I want it to be. Good for you for letting go of the ruminating. I know it's not easy.

  2. Hey I think it's great that you recognized what was going on and that it was OCD that was making you uncomfortable. Good job - as usual!

  3. OCD is a pretty sneaky character, finding ways to make us worry when there's nothing really wrong. Glad you stood strong against it!