Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doing The Right Thing, I Think

About a month ago, an RV showed up across the street. A really ugly, probably from around 1982, RV. At first I thought it was someone's parents visiting, so I didn't give it much thought.

But now, it's been a month. And it's clear it belongs to someone who lives in the house. The registration is both temporary and expired, so I don't know what that means, but it doesn't seem good.

But you know, I was still willing to ignore it, until I noticed the gray ooze that was dripping out of its sewer drain. I think it's just graywater (from the sink), but you know what, it's really not okay to illegally park your illegally unregistered RV and then let it leak sewage on the street.

At first I decided that I shouldn't call it in to the city because my fears were OCD related (and they are). But then I realized OCD was just as related to my fears of NOT calling- fears that moving it would somehow make the leak worse, or that they would find out I called and confront me, etc etc. So this morning I called.

I'm sort of freaking out, but that's for sure the OCD talking, so, nothing much to be done.


  1. Oh, isn't that just typical OCD? You're afraid to do something, but then you're also afraid to NOT do something?? Can't tell you how many times I've been in a similar quandary. Ugh.

    You are right. Nothing to be done. You made the decision to call. It's done. Now the really hard part - sitting with the anxiety. But you're doing it and I'm proud of you! Hang in there.

  2. Hopefully, it will all turn out okay. I hope your treatment is going great, OCD is a really tough disease to live with.

  3. I know what you mean about having OCD about doing something and having OCD about NOT doing something. I would have done the same thing you did, though--the gray ooze would have done me in.

  4. thanks for your help i recently started a blog of my own and so far it feels great to talk about it