Thursday, May 5, 2011

OCD and the Table

Last week I got a newsletter from a non-profit I donated to last year. They're right down the street from me. They were looking for a portable table to use at outreach events. I had the perfect table. I've used it twice, neither of those times in the last six years, and it was languishing in my attic. Great! Then OCD stepped in. It's a little flimsy, what if it falls over? It's a folding table, what if someone pinches their fingers when they close it back up and sues the non-profit and they hate me? What if the woman at the office has a cold when I deliver the table! Huh. Nice try, OCD! It made me nervous but I dropped it off yesterday. She put it together in front of me to make sure she could, and didn't come close to pinching her fingers. :)

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