Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Different Perspectives

On Sunday, I went to a concert with my parents (my mom's in a community orchestra). After the concert, I helped my mom clean up the reception, then we all went to dinner.

I ordered finger food and ate it without washing first. I ate food off both my parents' plates, I shared food with my mom using my fingers. I drank my water after my dad picked it up by the rim with hands I know are washed zero times every day. Then at the end of the meal, my mom joked about how we couldn't share a dessert because I wouldn't be willing to eat a piece of cake off the same plate. I will admit I was ticked off, although I made a joke about it. She really doesn't get OCD at all, and she also seems not to ever notice when I do exposures.

Oh well.


  1. It really is a different world for us, huh? Even people we love and share our struggles with, no matter how hard they try, just aren't able to grasp what it's really like. Lucky them, right? ;)
    Good for you, though. That sounds like a very successful evening of exposures.

  2. I get that. My parents barely acknowledge that I have OCD. They bring it up every now and then and ask me "how I'm doing". It drives me crazy. Though my mom and dad are two of the....maybe 5 people in the world that know the details of my OCD they pretend they don't understand it. At the end of the day - this is about you and your progress and who cares - GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  3. My mother doesn't really want to know about ocd. she told me i have it because i decided to stop going to church?!! My dad is a bit more understanding. he remembers a kid from school many moons ago who was always washing his hands. MY son refused to do the extra washing i was asking him to do- except he would wash when he came in the door. DH was completely confused at what was going on. Ocd is not a good marriage togetherness bringer, that's for sure. But when i STOPPED doing some of the ocd things and i figured everyone would notice, noone said much, unless i specifically asked them! It takes soo much energy to not give in, that surely the whole world must notice (where are the fireworks when you need them?)... but they don't. they just go on with their own lives. oh well.