Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, I Got Out of Bed

This morning, I was lying in bed, remembering that I have two meetings today with a guy who has a really bad cold. Oh, I thought, maybe I'm sick and need to stay home. But I wasn't. And avoidance is bad, yadda yadda. So I got up.


  1. You have come so far and when I read your blog I am filled with hope. Isn't it amazing though how pervasive OCD is in our lives? I find it so annoying - in fact - I HATE the fact that even when we have almost completely 'recovered" - we are still faced with constant opportunities to expose ourselves to our fears. And the "urge" to avoid and ritualize - does it ever really go away? Proof that OCD is a chronic condition that must be managed very effectively. Sorry - i just had to rant. You are doing so well!!!!

  2. Getting out of bed is a big accomplishment; I think we should give ourselves credit for it every day, or at least whenever it's hard.