Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OCD Lies

I think that if it weren't for OCD, I'd be a pretty honest person. I tell a decent amount of lies to get out of scary situations, like "I can't come over this weekend, I have a migraine."

Last night, my lies almost made me laugh, but they make me frustrated, too: As I noted, I'm going out with my sister tomorrow. I've spent HOURS planning the details to make myself comfortable. Where should we park, when should we meet, and more that I'm too embarrassed to mention.

Anyway, last night she calls to confirm the details and I say, well, I've been thinking we could park at my work, it's close to the train, in case it rains. But you know, let's just wait and see, we can wing, it. Hahaha. But then there was more. I say outloud, "hmm, do I need to bring anything? Just the tickets I guess. That's easy." Umm, Ann, what about the list of ten items you made three days ago, including earplugs in case she doesn't have any, extra bus ticket in case the train is too full, extra money for parking in case "winging" it doesn't work out, umbrella in case she wants it.

I'm such a liar. Stupid OCD.

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