Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mixed Messages in the Media

Recently I was reading a six month-oldish issue of Health magazine. Early on, there was an article by a columnist in which she notes that she used to be a germaphobe but had recently realized it was all a little pointless, and she'd mellowed out about it all. Well, that's cool, we could all use some mellowing about germs. But wait! At the bottom of the page is a caveat from the editors. It says, "What really does need disinfecting?" and directs us to page 183. And yes, there on page 183 is a standard "Germs Are Everywhere and They Are Out to Get You!" article, including the latest from good old Clorox-funded (or is is Lysol? maybe both) Charles Gerba.

So yeah, among other things we learn we should disinfect the remote control AT LEAST every couple of DAYS! Okay, in my germaphobiest days, I have never actually disinfected my remotes. I think I did clean a couple of them once, ever. Oh and did you know you should change your toothbrush once a month? Really, is Oral B funding this research now?

Now, I know that I'm a little sensitive to this stuff. But sheesh.


  1. I almost never clean my remotes and do not replace my toothbrush every month. I think they must be trying to sell their products. :)

  2. It's all an agenda to sell people crap they don't need. Even me -with OCD - can see that.