Sunday, September 19, 2010


I realized this week that my rumination is REALLY bad. I'm doing a bazillion exposures every week. Some by design, some because I haven't told the boyfriend about my OCD and he's not much of a hand washer.

But I'm worrying worrying worrying a LOT. It seems like there's always something coming up that's really scary and i "have to" fixate on it. So I do. To the point that realized I've set aside a lot of my fun free time activities. I rarely knit outside of the lunch group, I rarely read, I don't even watch my TV.

Some of that is extra time cleaning, with my aunt, or with L, but some of it has transferred to worry time. So my goal for this week is to spend at least an hour every evening either knitting, reading, or just watching a tv show. Will report back.

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