Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moving On

As expected, as soon as I got something new to worry about, I moved on from the last paranoid event. Now just back to standard contamination stuff. Fun! At least I feel like I can better utilize ERP on the standard stuff. We're moving back into the rainy season. Wet contaminated stuff!

Today I babysat my sister's kids. Oh, my! They have a new kitten. I watched the kitten drink out of their water glasses and troop across every surface available (she doesn't have access to the kitchen yet, but I'm sure the kitchen counters are coming soon enough), and my niece demonstrated how the kitty drinks water by licking her wet hand repeatedly, a hand that was actually black from some unknown dirt at the time.

I've stated before that I'm pretty sure my sister's kids wash their hands a literal zero times a day. Given that, I thought I did pretty well tonight. And I remind myself that the kids are pretty healthy, so all those germs aren't doing much harm at all.

1 comment:

  1. All those germs are probably strengthening their immune systems!

    This definitely sounds like a win. I know I would have difficulty in a similar situation myself. And the cat thing - I always wonder about that. I would love to get a cat someday, but then I start thinking about how cats go pretty much anywhere and everywhere they want. They leap from "dirty" floors to "clean" counter tops where food is prepared. I guess this is just expected? I guess "normal" people don't think this is problematic?