Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Update

Yesterday I tried a day without the lorazepam, to see if that was what was helping, or if it was just the natural progression of my day to feel better in the afternoon. Verdict: loraepam definitely helping! It's tricky though, because I don't want to take it on a day I need to drive. Which really is only a few days a week luckily. I think I will take the bus to work for a few weeks. That would really leave only one day a week that I need to drive, and even that's flexible. It's my hope that the Celexa kicks in within a few weeks, and then it won't be an issue.

Generally, I'm still having a really rough time. My insurance coverage for medication is good. My insurance coverage for therapy is terrible. Well, it's not that so much as I can usually only get an appointment once a month, and they tend to assign you a therapist pretty randomly, which seems nearly pointless. So I intend to self pay; it's not really in the budget, but I think I'm worth it.

My sister and a good friend of mine have been an unbelievable source of support for me over the last week, and I'm incredibly grateful.


  1. I'm glad that you are getting support from your sister and a friend. Also glad the lorazepam is helping. I remember the driving dilemma with that, though. Hopefully taking the bus works out.

    That is not right that your insurance doesn't have better therapy coverage. The match between counselor and client is really important, and being able to see your counselor more than once a month is important, too. You are definitely worth it!