Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feeling Stressed

I'm walking around with that "underlying feeling of dread" this weekend. It's frustrating after feeling reasonably good for a few weeks.

My sister (who decided not to follow the blog after all) called yesterday to say that she and the kids have lice. Excellent! I'm not actually all that freaked out by lice. But my subconscious self apparently is, because since hearing the news I've been feeling this stress and finding myself worried about a dinner date with my parents today- they babysat the nieces twice last week. I'm also feeling itchy! But I know everyone does that.

I think that thinking of lice just takes my brain straight to a bedbug fear that I've not been experiencing much lately.

In better news, yesterday I went out for a walk/shopping trip. Halfway there, it started POURING. I hate being wet, it makes everything feel germy to me. But I continued my shopping anyway and I was happy about that. Then on the way home, the sun came out and dried me off.


  1. Ann, Good for you for continuing the shopping trip! I hate getting wet, too. I feel like the germs are sticking to me more easily. :-)

    I hate those "dreading" feelings, especially when I can't pinpoint the cause and do something about it.

  2. You mentioned lice, and I got itchy also. Ah, the power of suggestion! Pretty amazing.