Saturday, February 9, 2013

Griping and Dreaming

This week the woman who sits next to me at work had a cold. I must confess to being more annoyed than the situation deserved at her insinuation that I gave her the cold. I didn't return to work until day six of mine, and her cold didn't show up until a full week after that. So I am skeptical.

BUT, the irony of the situation is that she was a little ticked that I might have given her a cold but she didn't take a single day off herself! No, she sat among us and sneezed and snorted and then kept touching things, including me! At one point, I kid you not, she forced people to smell her Kleenex!!! She was fascinated because they were infused with Vicks or some such. Now, I think these were unused tissues at the time, but she had definitely touched the darn things before shoving them repeatedly up our noses. Who does that?

Ah, but the new me is zen about illness, or something like that. (I was able to mostly maintain my zen, actually, because while I don't think I gave her the cold, it was almost certainly a virus I'd already vanquished).

But my subconscious spent last night dreaming of giving other people dreadful illnesses. It was lovely.

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  1. Ann, good for you for being able to remain zen about your co-worker's illness. That's funny that she blamed you for giving her the cold but stayed at work while sick. I have managed (knock on wood) not to get a cold or bronchitis so far this winter. Don't know what I'm doing to avoid it, but hope it keeps working! :-) I have the same worries as you about making others sick.

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