Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weird Worries

This week I have been worrying about the weirdest things. Some of them are annoying but fairly typical: will my sister's cat be okay while they are on vacation, will my mom get in a car accident (always related to something I've done, of course)?

But the latest one, honestly, you would possibly not come up with it even if you guessed for a million years. Okay, well, a million years is quite a long time. BUT. I have repeatedly, over more than one day, worried that I will pick a zucchini for my mom that is too big or perhaps too small. Yep, indeed. My mom's zucchini plant has not made any zucchinis this year, and mine are going crazy.

I'll be seeing her on the weekend. And I have spent time, more than once, staring at the plant, deciding if I should pick it now, or maybe tomorrow morning. If I wait until tomorrow night, will it be too big? AHHHHHHH! Make it stop. I've been taking an exposure approach, letting the thought just float in and out. But I still went out to stare at the plant this evening.



  1. OCD is so weird, isn't it? Sounds like you're handling the thoughts well, letting them float in and out. Hope they go away soon!

  2. I understand that. It seems like OCD picks the very strangest things to fixate on. It takes whatever we think we should have control over and twists it to make sure we can't get it right, no matter what. I can only say that a zucchini of any size is better than no zucchini :)
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  3. Hmmm, I wish it did sound more weird to me than it does. Instead, I think, of course someone (like me) would worry about that. Picking fruit or vegetables at the store, picking plants for Mother's day that I got for my Aunt (as my Aunt's gift to my mom),how many cookies to put on a plate to serve people, picking WHICH COFFEE CUP to buy to use as a prop on stage (this one might be too big; someone might think it looks too much like a pitcher, this one might be too colorful, this one is probably too dull...). Yeah, maybe I don't worry about the same thing multiple days in a row, but the same type of worries? Yes. Well, hopefully the worry will go away once you give it to your mother. :)

  4. Your right, never in a million years would I have guessed that. But like Abigail, not so strange/weird to me because I can make certain decisions really complicated.

  5. Yep, I definitely get "weird," random worries. Sometimes I'm like, "Um, where did I come up with THAT?" At least you recognize it for what it is. I think that is half the battle.

  6. Thanks for the nice words, everyone. In the end I brought the "too big" zucchini to my mom and she was both happy to have it AND already had two other zucchinis on the kitchen counter. Haha, probably the perfect outcome, not good not bad.