Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Pretty Decent Weekend

Well, it did indeed rain on the soccer game. My niece did indeed not wash her hands before dinner. (As a proud aunt, I have to note that she scored 3 goals!) I did well. I even gave her a ride to the restaurant. I ate the bread with my hands at dinner without too much anxiety. I didn't manage to make myself use the restroom at the restaurant, but I'm not going to beat myself up over than one.

When I've felt anxiety this weekend, instead of going with my usual "if only" approach-- "oh, if only the rain had held off one more hour"-- I'm reminding myself that only by getting through the exposures will I come out on the other side. It's true, and it makes me feel a lot better, too. The "bad" things are actually "good" things.


  1. I love that, "The 'bad' things are actually 'good' things." : )

  2. Hi,

    Hang in there is sounds like your making good progress with your compulsions and rituals and all of the nasty stuff.