Sunday, June 12, 2011

Humming Along, Mostly

I'm having a lot of OCD issues around cats lately, mine, my neighbors' and my sister's.

But except for the cats, things are going well. My mood remains in summer mode. Did two good things over the weekend. The first: I made cupcakes for my sister's family, then they sat in a warm car for a few hours. Despite my fear that the frosting might food poison them, I served them the cupcakes.

The other: my mom purchased a new recliner at a garage sale. Of course my mind went straight to bedbugs. And of course she asked me to help her move the chair when I was over visiting. I did give the chair a cursory bug inspection, but only after I'd helped her lug the chair around. Then went home and didn't take a shower.

Oh, and another big picture sign of busting through OCD: I pick up worms again. I hate seeing worms crawling on the sidewalk after a rain, because I know they're likely to dry up and die. In the "olden days," I would pick them up and move them back to the grass or garden, but in recent years I didn't want to touch them. Not the worm so much as the "sidewalk germs." Three times in the last two weeks I've "rescued" a worm. It felt good.


  1. Ahh I used to pick up worms off of the road and put them into the safety of the grass after a rain when I was growing up, can't bring myself to touch them or anything really, something else to put on my to do list :)

    How long have you been in treatment?
    I am just a newbie at this but you sound like you have some real progress, very inspirational!

  2. Hi Maggie,
    I first saw a therapist from late 1997 to early 1998. Got a lot better and then sort of coasted along on my own until 2009. I saw my new therapist for about a year, got in a rut and realized only I could motivate to do the work I needed to do. Since then I have been doing exposure work on my own. It's pretty slow but steady for sure.