Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I Barely Notice

The other day, as I was taking out the garbage in the rain, I started thinking about all the things I can do now without really even thinking about it, that used to cause capital p Problems: taking out the garbage every week, bringing in the mail every day, touching paperwork from coworkers without feeling a need to immediately wash my hands. This morning I also remembered an exposure I did in Phoenix. We had pizza at a place where you bus your own tables. As I was dumping our trays, a non-disposable basket fell into the garbage. Now, at first I was just going to leave it there. It was a nearly full garbage can! But nope, I put my hand right in there and pulled it back out. I was not thrilled to do it, but I didn't wash my hands after, and actually never thought about it again until this morning, a month later. I guess I didn't die.

It feels great. Still plenty to be done, but I love the changes I can already see.


  1. So great!!!!! I'm glad the exposures are giving OCD a punch in the gut. :) As always, you amaze me.

  2. Now that is a sign of progress!!! Congrats! I hope I can report the same thing someday.

  3. You are rocking your exposures!