Saturday, January 1, 2011

Google Ads: Keeping the Exposures Constant

Anyone who's read much of this blog knows I've developed a fear of getting bedbugs. I've been doing a little better, but my family's not helping by doing things like buying new beds.

But anyway, google knows everything. So of course they know about those bedbug related searches I did a while back. Now about half the pages I visit on the internet, be they about basketball or anything else not remotely related to bedbugs, still have specialized ads just for me! Featuring, you guessed it, bedbugs!

I know that I could just use adblock. But that would be avoidance, and I can't do that! Yippee. Now if someone would explain why these ads keep telling me to purchase a Supercuts franchise.


  1. Gotta love Google. :) Sometimes spot on, sometimes way out there...and they think they're so smart......

  2. You go girl! It's bizarre how the universe sometimes seems to provide exposures that are specifically tailored to our exact fears. . .