Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've been contemplating the timing of the break up of my relationship. My boyfriend started acting weird not long after I wrote the blog post (I think I wrote it anyway) about the possibility that he'd noticed the OCD book on my nightstand. I don't know that it's related, and if it is, it's a pretty clear sign (among many others) that he wasn't right for me.

But oh, it makes me so sad to consider that my OCD may have cost me yet another relationship. It also makes me even more determined to be sure that it never happens again.


  1. I can relate!!! Though I am in a relationship at the moment - I'm not sure how much longer it is going to last, and I have had MANY relationships through my life - all of which have been affected by my OCD. Though I now feel as though I am receiving good treatment, I also know that I will always have OCD - so it will be a part of me that my future partner will have to accept. My current partner is wonderful about it - but he's the first one (of those whom I've told) who hasn't gone running the other way - fast. It's hard to have the conviction "obviously he wasn't right for me then"!! Good for you. I admire your strength.

  2. I'm sorry.
    Maybe OCD didn't cost you this relationship but rather helped make who he was more clear to you? I think when I get a boyfriend, he's gonna have to be able to put up with ocd, because I'm pretty sure it will pop up even when/if I find the perfect medication/dose/blend and successfully "complete" some nice fraction of my therapy.