Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Went on a Trip!

Trips are hard. There are hotels. Which may have bedbugs. At the very least, a zillion people have trod the carpet and touched the remote control, and who knows how often they wash the bedspreads.

And I flew on an airplane. In the heart of the cold and flu season. I didn't bring any hand sanitizer with me, and while I was tempted, I never did buy any, either.

Usually I don't really enjoy my vacations. This one, I did. Especially the last day. My feet, which had been hurting from bringing the wrong shoes, suddenly felt fine. The weather, which was forecast to be cloudy, was warm with brilliant sunshine. I looked down and saw a monarch butterfly, for goodness sake. While they're not rare where I was vacationing, I'd never seen one outside of 5th grade science class, so it really just felt like a magical day.

That's some positive conditioning for stretching my comfort zone.


  1. Congratulations, Ann! It sounds like you had all kinds of exposures on this trip. So glad you had a good time. That is definitely positive reinforcement. :-)

  2. So happy you had a good time! I'm really proud of you for not letting your fears get in the way of going on this trip. I fear trips for all the same reasons, but I love to travel so much that I'm able to go in spite of what scares me.

  3. Wow, I love this post! Sounds like a great time, and so glad your fears didn't keep you from going......wishing you many more happy vacations!

  4. Wonderful job! Vacation trips are so difficult with triggers at what feels like every turn. A time of relaxation turns into a constant state of anxiety. Sleeping like really sleeping IN a hotel bed has been a big step for me even if it ends up being two hours. Wishing you many more enjoyable vacations!