Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Medication Time Again

I decided to try medication again, after a really anxious summer, and a climb in depression last month. I'm apparently really susceptible to the placebo effect, and I usually notice a difference in my mood within days. This time was no exception, although this week I'm noticing that dropping back a bit. The good thing is that I'm experiencing fewer side effects than normal as well.

I think this time I'm prepared to stay on the meds for the long term, instead of using them for the short term impact. I'm really tired of feeling pretty mediocre most of the time.

How's everyone's fall going?


  1. I hope the medication does good things for you, Ann. Feeling mediocre is just not enough, is it?

  2. I sure hope the meds work and give you the desired relief. It's not my favorite thing either, but hey, if you need it, you need it.

    Fall is going better than summer. The iron pills seem like they might be kicking in. It sure would be nice to get my strength back from the anemia before the holidays hit. Other than that, I've got a really busy schedule (which is actually very good for me).

    Take care and best wishes for your feeling better!

  3. I had to go back on my meds too. Worst feeling ever to admit that you need them in order to be able to do what normal people do on a daily basis. You're definitely not alone!