Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dating, Part 3,4,5?

As a fairly anti-social woman who's getting older, I get asked out about once a year. Or lately I should say literally once a year. In 2010, that turned into a 6 month relationship. In 2011, the guy was creepy and there was no date. In 2012, well, not quite sure yet.

A coworker asked me out yesterday. He seems very nice. He's also quite a bit older than I am. Plus, there's the whole, boy do I hate first dates thing. But "you might be too old plus I'm bad at dates" didn't seem like a reasonable reason to say no. So I said yes.

But oh, how I hate first dates. And I don't know about how I feel about potentially sharing my OCD with someone at work. Because within about 10 minutes of him asking me out, at least 5 people at work already knew that he had (before I said a thing to anyone), so that's a bit disconcerting as well.

But just as with travel, I don't want to put it off for so long that it looms larger and LARGER out there.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Ooooh, can't wait to hear how this goes! I hope it ends up being so much better than you anticipate. Good for you for forging ahead.

  2. I hope it goes well, and I'll look forward to hearing more! :-) My husband is 15 1/2 years older than me, and we get along great.

  3. Anticipation is almost always worse than the actual event, right? You might even have fun! Good luck!

  4. You have such a balanced approach towards dating it is so inspiring for me! The potential date for me has to be almost perfect before I will go out on a date. This is something I am working on - obviously OCD related for me - avoidance. Really, a first date is just a meeting. When put that way - it doesn't hold the same "heaviness" least not for me. Good for you for going despite what your mind is doing to talk you out of it/him!!!

    1. Luckily, my fear of dating isn't OCD related, just "I'm super shy" related, so I don't have the extra weight of that. But I figure every time I make it through a first date, I'll have more examples of how I can make it through (and sometimes even have fun!) It's non-OCD ERP!