Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Brain Has Been Busy!

I've done well this week on the contamination front, not being a crazy hand washer despite all the media attention about the flu, and the signs that are up all over my building at work about hand washing, and the fact that massive numbers of my coworkers are sick, and the fact that a coworker is having surgery this Friday.

So that's great. BUT I've gotten into this cycle where I've been worried about a number of different things. They cycle through and I'm only generally worried about one at once, for about half a day. They include:
-the guy who's getting laid off in our office coming back and shooting us all;
-some supplies I gave to my sister growing mold and killing someone(they were wet);
-my house burning down due to the old wiring in the attic;
-my house burning down due to my basement remodel;
-something going horribly awry with the eBay item I just shipped (and why the heck hasn't it been delivered yet-it's 5 pm and it was on the truck at 7 this morning!)

As always, the items I'm not currently stewing on seem far fetched and/or laughable, until they cycle back to the front.

As always, it's a perfect chance to work on mindfulness and acceptance. I'm having this thought. Having a thought doesn't magically make it come true. Will keep on.


  1. You know, it's funny, but I experience that too - things seem really crazy and silly if I have time and distance from them, but all of a sudden they can seem really scary and real if my OCD decides to focus on them. Strange.

  2. My mind has been flooded with worries lately, too. They seem to pile up and take over my thinking. It's wonderful that you're using this time as an opportunity to work on mindfulness and acceptance. That's inspiring to me! :-)

  3. I worry too about stuff and today I found out my husband donated my old washer and dryer to a needy family, he was only supposed to donate the dryer because I didn't think the washer was washing properly. So now I keep thinking they will either walk around in dirty clothes, or think we are jerks for giving them a washer that leaves their clothes smelling musty.