Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Ups and Downs of OCD

Yesterday I visited my mom after work. For the first time in a while, I didn't say anything about a single OCD related issue. I wander through life noticing little things I'd do differently in areas like food preparation or cat litter dumping. My mom's one of the only people I "gripe" to, because I know her as well as I do.

But last night I just went with the flow, and it was all okay. It was a good night.

And then today, I've got a new thing to stew on. It doesn't even make any sense (nothing new there, I suppose). My mom wants to buy a steam mop. I have one and I love it. I recommended it to her. And now I'm sure something will go wrong, and it will be my fault. What will go wrong? Well, there are so many options. I still have fears of bedbugs arriving in my home in something I've purchased, so that's an option. Or it might be broken. Or hers might not get hot enough so if she uses it to clean the bathroom floor, she might spread germs around the house. Or if she cleans the steamer pads differently than I do, more spread of germs.

The ultimate irony in all of this of course is that steam mops are known for their sanitizing ability. I should be happy! But no...


  1. OCD is so strange, isn't it?

    I'm glad you got a break from OCD while you with your mom. Regarding the steam mop, at least you realize that it's the OCD talking.

  2. Yeah, that sounds like OCD again; inconsistant and annoying. :) I hope it gets better. And congratulations on your visit to your mom without getting stuck in OCD mode!

  3. Ah, just like OCD to take something like that and make it so completely complicated!!

  4. I'm guessing the "steam mop" incident is just a blip in your otherwise great achievement of "going with the flow." Congrats!

  5. Thanks, guys. This is one of those cases where I need to remember (and I"m getting better at it but it's not perfect) that my fear always dissipates in about 12 hours and I should just skip the ruminating all together.