Friday, March 23, 2012

Oops, Long Time, No Post

Well, I sure haven't been running toward discomfort lately. Just this evening, I almost signed up for a scary social event. Came thisclose. Then backed out. Ugh.

But I did tell my best Seattle friend today that I'm coming to visit this summer. Once you say it out loud, it's got to be true!


  1. Hi! I've never posted on your blog before, but I wanted to offer some encouragement. I have OCD as well, and I feel like trying and failing is better than not trying at all. Often with my OCD, progress is often in the spirit of "two steps forward, one step backward." Any effort at all you put into exposure/progress forward is good, even if it isn't a total success.

    This sounds super cheesy and clichéd, but the only failure is not trying at all!

  2. Congrats for committing to the trip this summer! I know you had some worries/anxieties about it, so it's a big step to just go ahead and decide to do it! What a great thing to look forward to!

  3. Thanks for the first post, Sarah. Nice to see new commenters, and thanks for the encouragement.

    And of course, "old" commenters are always great, too, Tina. :)
    I should probably say, "familiar" commenters.

    Yes, I am actually excited about the trip, and feeling okay about yesterday's decision, too.

  4. Hey, some days are more successful than others! I think making your travel plans is a huge thing and you should be proud of that. Can't wait to hear about your trip. My family loved Seattle when we vacationed there some years back.

  5. I have been doing really well, but I definitely wouldn't say I've been running towards discomfort either. My homework assignment this time was to watch another lesbian themed movie and go to a restaurant where I think there's a lesbian server. She also owns a store here in town. I've been doing the movie - but today I was going to go to her store. That's a 10 on the hierarchy for me! I tried to talk myself out of it. But I went! Alas - her store was closed. My mind didn't want me to do it though. My attitude wasn't the best.

  6. Hello, Ann--

    I have nominated you for the HUG (Hope Unites Globally) Award. You can find out more about the award by going to

    Please also check out my blog post about the nomination!

    Congratulations! You deserve it!