Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Busy Week

Where did this week go? Crazy times at work. My OCD has hit me with some stuff this week, too. I'm looking into an earthquake retrofit of my house, and that got me into a little oh, no, what if there's an earthquake frenzy. Then I went on a date with a guy who works for a school district and I got on a little bedbug frenzy. Which was especially ridiculous, because the boyfriend last year also worked in a school district, and it didn't freak me out at all. OCD, go figure.

On a more positive front, earlier this week I came home to find two beds in the neighbor's driveway, one of which was leaning against my fence. My brain of course went straight to bedbugs, because that's what I do. But then I thought rationally and realized that it was September 1st, and it was almost certainly just someone moving out- it's a rental with lots of people living there. And rather than continuing to ruminate, I just let the anxiety I did have sit, and sure enough, later in the day I saw the new neighbor. It's nice when my brain can take the most likely scenario and react in a "normal" manner. I'd like more of that. Of course, there's still one mattress in the driveway today, and now it's just starting to look junky over there.

But anyway, I'm also doing well on the generic contamination front, including eating lots of food that I've dropped on floors lately. I seem to drop food quite a lot.


  1. I'm glad that with everything thrown at you this week, that you've had a pretty positive outlook and outcome. : )

    P.S. I also drop food a lot, but I have a poodle. I'd never get a chance to eat food I dropped on the floor even if I'd want to. She's a speedy little bugger. LOL

  2. I love it when my brain does that "most likely scenario" thing too! All those exposures you've been doing are making some cool new pathways!

  3. karin says:

    i too have automatic thots that ocd just jumps to. Problem is those are the hardest thots to get rid of then. They really really stick both in my mind and in my emotions. Glad you are able to work thru yours fairly easily.

    -karin (