Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best Vacation Ever?

I took this whole week off. I am painting the outside of my house! Awesome. Actually, the very small portion that's totally done looks great! So that's good. It has some OCD issues for me, though. The house is old, so there's surely some lead paint in there, so I'm crazy paranoid about collecting all the scraped paint. And since there seems to actually only be one old coat of paint, I've been spending some time ruminating about whether 20 years ago someone sanded all the old lead paint off and it's now in my soil and the next buyer of my house will test it and then either I'll never sell the house or I'll have to pay $20,000 to fix it. So yeah, every time I go out to work, I feel a little sick to my stomach.

But I know this is one of those situations where I cannot know and I cannot fix it, so I just need to let it be.


  1. You are really kicking your OCD to the curb! Great job!!! You're inspiring!!!

  2. I loved reading your post, it is great to hear that you will not give into your ocd, keep it up! :)