Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Couple Decisions That I'm Proud Of

I very very frequently try to "stage manage" my life: Oh, what if I schedule that meeting for next week and the people are sick. Maybe I should try to make the meeting be by phone instead. Or maybe try to get it over with today. Or maybe I can call them and see if they sound sick before scheduling.

Exhausting, not all that useful, and certainly not good for getting over OCD. Twice this week I almost did that and then stopped myself. First was a meeting at work. I simply replied, by email, "whenever is best for you is fine for me."

Second thing was donating money for a friend's wedding present. I first starting thinking about germs I might be exposed to if the organizer had a card for me to sign. But I just got up anyway and dropped off my money at the most logical time to do it.

If I can start doing this on a regular basis, simply letting life happen as it happens, this will be a HUGE step forward.


  1. Good for you! I love that you have progressed so far in recovering from your OCD that you are now able to tackle these "little" (or should I say - more subtle) ways that your OCD has dictated your life. That's awesome!!

  2. Good work! I agree with Pure. The subtle things can be tricky, and you're doing fabulously. :)