Sunday, January 15, 2012

OCD Study Online- with corrected link

A group of researchers in Germany is conducting an online study on a possible cognitive treatment for OCD. I participated in a study from this same group a year or more ago and found it interesting. The English of email communications from the group isn't always great, so I'm not completely sure what they're studying, but they call it "doubt therapy" and it seems like a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) kind of deal. Based on my experience with their last study, the official communications of the study seem to involve fairly good English. [edited to add: I just signed up and took the "pre-survey," and frankly, I think the language issue clouded the intent of some of the questions. I'm still interested in the information in their "doubt therapy manual," though]

The link to the study mentions another research group in Montreal, so I'm thinking this might be related to the so-called "inference-based approach" for OCD, which I just read about on the yahoo-group forum yesterday. Which is funny timing, considering that the email about the study has been languishing unseen in a seldom used email inbox for over a month.

In any case, I'm always in support of OCD research, so if you want to help them (and maybe yourself!) out by participating, here's the link (hopefully I got it right this time!)


  1. I tried the link and all it said was" you have already completed the survey. Is there another web address?

  2. ooh, darn, I've changed the link and hopefully this one works!

  3. Hmm, you've peaked my interest and I'd like to learn more about what they are actually studying. I agree with you, the more research the better!